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Georgia 4-H at Camp Jekyll: Environmental Education

Frequently Asked Questions at Parent/Guardian Meetings

What are the cabins like?

Camp Jekyll has both 64 bed cabins (2 cabins total) and 32 bed cabins (4 cabins total). Each cabin is actually like two cabins in one.  Each cabin is divided into two equal halves (Area 1 and Area 2) with a single connecting door that will be locked unless requested by lead teacher to be opened (similar to the connecting door between adjoining hotel rooms). With each Area being completely independent, groups can place two genders in the same cabin! Each Area has youth lodging and adult lodging all with bunked beds. The bed frames and furniture are oak. The top bunks have bed rails and permanent ladders. The partial walls in the youth lodging creates small "pods" of four beds for more comfortable lodging. There are four drawers and a mirror in each pod, plus there is an open storage cabinet at the end of each bed. Youth lodging and adult lodging is separated by a common room with two water fountains that can serve as a small group meeting area. All cabins have air conditioning and heat. The cabins can be locked, but only adults are allowed to have keys. Boys and girls will be housed in separate lodging areas. The youth lodging and two of the adult lodging are handicap accessible. 

The x64 bed cabin youth lodging has 24 beds divided into 6 pods, each consisting of 2 bunk beds (6 pods x 4 beds = 24 total beds). The x32 bed cabin youth lodging has 12 beds divided into 2 full pods, each consisting of 4 bunk beds and 2 half pods, each consisting of 1 bunk bed [(2 full pods x 4 beds ) + (2 half pods x 2 beds) = 12 total beds]. The youth lodging has a dedicated bathroom with 3 showers, 3 toilets, and 5 sinks. Each youth lodging shower has a small private changing area.

The x64 bed cabin adult lodging consists of 2 rooms. Each room has 2 bunk beds for a total of 4 beds per room. The x32 bed cabin adult lodging also consists of 2 rooms but each room has only 1 bunk bed for a total of 2 beds per room. Each adult lodging has a dedicated bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink.

What is the dining hall like?

The dining hall serves kid-friendly food cafeteria style. Students enter the main door, pass by three hand washing stations, and snake through the food line and then pass through a beverage line (powdered mix drink or water). They will sit together as a school group. Students bus their own trays when finished and leave only under the supervision of adults from the school group.

What if my child has dietary restrictions?

Jekyll tries to accommodate dietary special needs, but they need to know in advance of any needs. In extreme circumstances, it may be best for individuals to bring their own food and store it in coolers. You can see a sample menu (coming soon!); however, these are only examples of food served and not a guarantee of food provided for any particular day or visit.

Can I call and talk to my child at the center?

Groups are in classes outside for most of the day and will not be near a phone. There are no pay phones at Camp Jekyll, and students are not permitted to use office phones. In case of emergencies, a message can be left in the main office or with the Georgia State Patrol. Otherwise, talk to your lead teacher about a phone tree or other phone availability.

Do I need to send money with my child?

There is a Georgia 4-H Canteen which sells snacks and souvenir items and Jekyll Island Authority Gift Shop. See the canteen list for pricing.

What happens if my child is injured? Is there health personnel on site?

There is no medical personnel or treatment facilities on site. Basic first aid supplies are available in the infirmary, but aid will be administered by school staff only. Each school should also have first aid materials and any medicines necessary by the students. More serious injuries will require the transport of the student to the immediate care facility or the emergency room (both in Brunswick). It is the responsibility of the school to transport injured students, or 911 service is available. Jekyll recommends that all schools bring an extra vehicle for such emergencies. Jekyll is not responsible for any group or individual's medical insurance.

What should I send with my child?

Consult the what to bring list for ideas. Please remember that Jekyll does not provide linens, pillows, blankets, or towels. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times (no flip-flops). Classes go rain or shine. Old clothes and shoes are best.